The Willingham by Stow Commemorative Booklet was produced at the turn of the Millennium and distributed to households in the village. The information was collected by Susan D. Bingham, Janet Croft and Dorothy Wain with contributions donated by villagers. It was edited by Janet Croft. The project was funded with help from the following sources.

Croft Communications Ltd
Lincolnshire Counti/ Council Rural Community Projects Fund
Lottery Grants for Local Groups

The booklet is no longer available in hard copy.



In making the booklet available on line, the focus has been to put the text into an editable format to make it easy to search for names and places. Once downloaded into a 'WORD' programme you will be able to search the majority of the text using the programme's inbuilt search facility (Usually found under the 'EDIT' drop down menu). The photographs consequently are not as good as they could be. Contact the website if you have any problems.


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