Willingham 2015


Pictures from our 2015 twinning weekend




Twinning Weekend pictures

The Willingham Twinning Association have an eco-friendly and quick solution for this year’s twinning pictures. We have our own email address and Google Drive storage space.

It’s easy to send your pictures to us - just email them to willinghamtwinning@gmail.com and we will collate them all. By sending them to this email address, we will assume you are happy for us to share them with anyone who has a link to the shared folder. (See below)

Anyone can view all the photos in this folder and you can download as many as you want.

We have a 15GB storage limit, so if we find we are running short on space, we may not publish every single picture. But don’t worry, 15GB means we should have a few hundred pictures at least! :-)

If you can’t email them to us, you can pop them onto a CD and post to your host family who will pass the CD on to the Twinning Committee.

If you need any help, just email the twinning committee on the email address above.


Sam and Jonathan


View the pictures we have received so far - here





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